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Thanks to you both for all of your hard work and insight. We would love to send glowing recommendations to anyone you might work with in the future. G

Thank you for the extraordinary care you put into helping us plan.... Our newlywed's can't get over how lovely their wedding was for everyone. "Magical," a fairy-tale wedding," best wedding ever..." are the words we are hearing over and over."   MoB

We are so grateful to have met you two. What a wedding it was! It was beyond our wildest expectations. from the delicious food to the rainbow we feel so grateful. We LOVE the beautiful sonnet, thank you! B

With these skills, plus her extensive experience of the catering world, she organized many very successful social events for us;

What an amazing job you are doing. Planning a trip to Mars might be easier. FoB

....because of her sense of style and attention to detail we were able to entrust most of the work to her...from a large wedding, to dinners to small dinner parties....

Linda is a pleasure to work with. Endlessly upbeat she is a 

self starter and a hard worker.... 

What would we have done without guide us through the wedding? I don’t even want to think of what that would have meant. 

With gratitude and affection...

...she is entirely trustworthy and discreet, efficient, innovative, quick witted and charming.

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