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Urban Chic

What Odyssey Events can do for you:

Take the hassle out of getting your group together. We'll study the family tree - y'all just have fun!

Want to share your beautiful home with friends, but dread all the details? Let us take the hassle out of your wanting to do it--and then HAVING to do it.

We'll work within your budget.

Photo ops at this VT mountain venue
Select Venues

From small, intimate inns to grand 


from casual to formal, from inclusive to à la carte, there is a perfect place for you. 

We all need more activities.
Find To Do's

Need an assortment of activities to keep all parties interested?

We'll help mash the couch potatoes!

Event planning requires having a birds eye view.

We communicate, sort menus, mesh timetables, and get everyone to all events on time.

Odyssey Events can provide warm and sincere assistance for those in need.

Find solutions for all your family needs---whatever or however--we can unravel the threads.

A Distinctive Memorial

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